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Lady M Glowing Lights Purple Yam “Ube” Mooncake Bundle

Lady M Glowing Lights Purple Yam “Ube” Mooncake Bundle


    Lady M's 2022 Glowing Lights Purple Yam “Ube” Mooncake Bundle is an online exclusive offering featuring two limited-edition items:

    Lady M's 2022 Glowing Lights Mooncake Gift Set - Perfect for celebrating this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. The glow of the spinning lantern illuminates an intricate, hidden moonlit scene while the luxurious golden handle and exquisite foil details celebrate the elegance of this beloved holiday. Lifting the lucky golden rabbit charm reveals a tower of Lady M's famous miniature mooncakes, made in collaboration with Kee Wah Bakery. The 2022 Gift Set includes two each of Coffee Caramel, Earl Grey, and Purple Yam Custard mooncakes flavors along with a gift bag, custom greeting card, and envelope.
    Purple Yam “Ube” Mille Crêpes - Creamy and sweet purple yam is incorporated in every element of this cake from the lacy purple yam crêpes, to the layers of whipped purple yam cream and purple yam paste. To finish, purple yam crumbles and snow sugar.

    Bundle and save with this ultimate pairing—whether you're gifting or enjoying with friends and family, we wish everyone a happy and healthy mid-autumn season!

    This item is available for preorder and can begin shipping as early as 8/8/22.

    Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Tree Nuts
    Shipping Information
    Our team takes great pride and care in shipping. Orders are thoughtfully hand-packed to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.
    Dietary Restrictions
    Alcohol (Coffee Caramel Mooncake), Gelatin (Purple Yam “Ube” Mille Crêpes)
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