Welcome to Lady M Canada!

Unpacking Instructions

Step 1

Unbox your order.

Remove the contents from the insulated tote-bag. Be careful as the box contains dry ice.


DO NOT EAT, CONSUME OR HANDLE DRY ICE WITH BARE HANDS OR SKIN - IT MAY CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY. To dispose of dry ice safely, allow the dry ice to evaporate inside the original box, away from children and animals.

Step 2

Store your order.

If you do not plan to consume your order any time soon, please freeze any cake(s) in a freezer at 0° F (-18° C) or below. You may keep cakes frozen for up to two months before serving.

Step 3

Defrost your order.

To defrost, keep any cake(s) within their box inside a refrigerator at around 40° F (4° C) for a minimum of 10 hours. Defrosting times may vary due to the temperature of your refrigerator.

Once defrosted, your cake should be consumed within 48 hours. Please keep any cake(s) in the refrigerator when you are not consuming them. Do not re-freeze any already defrosted cake(s).

Step 4

Decorate your order.

If your cake comes with toppings, please watch these videos for decoration instructions depending on the cake that you received.

For best results, use a knife dipped in hot water to slice any cake(s). Wipe any excess cream off of the knife before every slice.

Do not leave any cake(s) outside of refrigeration beyond one hour.